Little town, big history

Vorbasse’s history is not just unique to Denmark – it also stands out in the larger Northern European context too. While residents of other towns can only guess as to the history of former residents, Vorbasse can date inhabitants back to the first century AD, thanks to the largest archaeological excavations ever undertaken in Denmark.

There have been eight recorded villages in the small region around Vorbasse since the first century, but since 1100 the town has been situated in its current location. Such information has been gathered by painstaking scientific excavations between 1974 and 1987 and the wealth of knowledge gathered has made this small Danish village a subject of study throughout Europe.

The country’s largest market

Dating back to the Middle Ages, Vorbasse has always had a market and it is now the country’s largest. Held every year over a long weekend in July, the market attracts up to 250,000 people looking to trade, barter and bargain hunt, as well as enjoy the fairground rides and live music.

It was in this area that the famous street performer Professor Labri is said to have named the local lake Vorbasse War Harbour. Nowadays, a warship with his name sits in the beautifully renovated lake - albeit a little smaller than the original.

Vorbasse also has a large popular campground, a swimming pool and an inn, and is well worth a visit.

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Vorbasse Krigshavn

Vorbasse Krigshavn

Vorbasse Krigshavn har en spændende historie og er helt bestemt besøget værd.