Sculpture Park Billund

There is something about sculptures as an art form that can soften the heart of even the harshest critic – the battle between the artist and his materials, the hidden meanings behind a simple object and the expression of the artwork itself.

Such art is often inaccessible to the masses – or at least most people don't understand it! – but the Billund Sculpture Park brings art to the masses in an open and active forum.

A stroll through Billund's Sculpture Park takes about half an hour. The path is wide, flat and accessible in all seasons - perfect for walking, jogging, cycling and for those in wheelchairs. Make sure you take your lunch or coffee with you, as there are plenty of benches to stop and take a few minutes to relax along the way.

Some of the sculptures invite observers to interact, especially kids – the 'Three Play Sculptures' and 'Star Beast' close to Hotel Legoland, for example – and one piece of art was made by pupils from schools in Billund with the help of a visual artist; the colourful mosaic arch can be found at the park entrance on Nordmarksvej, near to Legoland Village and Lalandia Billund.

About the park

Billund's Sculpture Park opened in 1990 and spans a walking path from Hotel Propellen to the centre of Billund. We feel the park stands as an important cultural initiative, where the observer can observe, interact and take inspiration from the many works of art.

The sculpture park's appearance is never static. As well as permanent exhibits that have been purchased over the years, it also hosts special exhibitions, such as one in 1995 where 17 students from the Royal Danish Academy created a exhibition which proved very popular to both locals and tourists.

Art serves many functions. While many exhibits can be universally accepted as beautiful or soothing, other pieces can stir up anger and disgust. Sometimes the artist takes the observer to places they don't want to go, exceeding the boundaries of some viewers. Even our sculpture park has courted controversy, with a figure called 'Blue Stone' by Alfio Bonanno being so affected by vandalism that it needed to be destroyed. In a strange way, we hope that pleased the artist – better a strong reaction than none at all.

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Map of the trail

The sculptures
Welcome to my World
Parc Bench IV
The Little Prince
Granite on Collums
The Garden Woman
The Ark
Three Play Sculptures
The Star Animal
Balancing Act
A meeting
Standing figure
Dream, Live, Play