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Mini golf and football golf in Billund

Mini golf in Billund

Challenge the family in a game of miniature golf!
There are no less than three minigolf courses in Billund and Grindsted - two outdoors and one indoors - so bad weather is no excuse.

In Grindsted is the mini golf course at Lyng Bowl, so in addition to a game of miniature golf, you can also take a spin on the bowling alley. In Billund, the whole family can take a round in Lalandia's indoor minigolf facility, which offers 12 holes and lots of decorative and exciting challenges and bunkers. The many different courses appeal to different shooting techniques, and are a challenge for even the routine minigolf players.

On the other side of the street, 200 meters from LEGOLAND Holiday Village, lies Billund's outdoor miniature golf course, which also invites you to fun and excitement - especially on a nice summer day. The course has been recently renovated, so it is now possible to take a game on an illuminated course in the evening. The course is owned by Billund Y's Men's Club and the profit from the course goes to local and international youth work every year.


Football Wave = Football + Golf

Just 10 minutes drive from Billund, you will find three exciting football golf facilities. Football golf is a fun combination of golf, football and miniature golf. Mom, dad and children can join you and you do not need to know the ball or golf.

Fun and Action Football golf in Hejnsvig is a beautiful 18 hole football golf facility for the active family. Vandel Football Golf is located in a scenic area of the old Vandel Airport. Here the 18 holes are set in three height levels, so there are challenges for everyone. Filskov Kro Football Golf has the perfect framework for your next event. The plant consists of 2 two-tier 18 hole football golf courses spread over a 5.6 hectare area.

Football golf is a good way to be active on holiday, experience nature, be with the family and above all have a fun experience.


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Activities in Lalandia

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