Grindsted Torv


The Station Town

The town of Grindsted, 14km from Billund, features a charming blend of classic 1920s and 1930s Danish architecture with more contemporary buildings. It has a thriving centre with excellent shops, cafes and a museum, as well as large parks and walking paths to take a relaxing walk or bike ride.

Growing industry

But things weren’t always so calm in Grindsted. When the railroad came roaring into town to connect the east and west of Jutland in 1914, the population of the sleepy town on the heath soon exploded. Grindsted became the fastest growing town in the country and with six lines coming in and out of town, it was the third largest railway hub, attracting many large companies in the process.

Grindstedværket, which for many years has been part of Danisco, was established in 1924 and soon became the town’s leading industrial plant. From 1931-2006, a meat processing plant was another major privately owned enterprise.

Today there are many other thriving companies, such as KA Interior (a specialist in sliding-door wardrobes), Grindsted Billardfabrik, KG Beton and Tajco, an exhaust manufacturer which has become a big player in the international market.

The railway lines have long since disappeared but the town still manages to attract and develop a wide range of companies that are vital to the Jutland economy.

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