Going out in Billund

Despite being a small town, Billund and the surrounding country has a lot of activities to offer, when you’re looking for a fun evening out with family and friends. Here are just a few suggestions on what you can do.

Lalandia Billund
Go speciality shopping in Billund

Design and specialities

In Billund and Grindsted you'll find a number of interesting speciality shops offering a range of Danish design, crafts and products. Find them here. 

Go shopping

Find a perfect present or just shop till you drop.. There are plenty of small cosy specialty shops in Billund.

Lalandia Billund

Activities in Lalandia

In Lalandia you'll find lots of activities for kids and those who are young at heart - bowling, mini golf, Monkey Tonky activity land, trampolines, arcade games, ice skating and much more.

Festivals, fairs and markets

Billund and its surrounding region has many cultural and social events taking place throughout the year, including Denmark’s largest market in Vorbasse every July, as well as concerts, shows and fairs.

Kvie Sø

Dining in Billund

Visit one of the cozy restaurants in Billund that offer a range of dining options, from fine gastronomic experiences to family-friendly restaurants.

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