‘Village of the Year’

Just south of the Omme river is the village of Filskov. The village and its residents are known for being of the finest stock, something that was officially confirmed when Filskov was named the ‘Village of the Year’ in 2003.

It might be small but it’s perfectly formed and boasts a thriving business community, sport and leisure centre, church and a cosy inn, as well as a yearly festival that looks to the past, present and future of the region.

The locals have common aims, setting up a company which supports local business in the area and the community spirit shines through.

The Mystery of the Church

In the distant past, the village was of a far larger size, including a second church that welcomed the added influx of people to the area. However, for reasons not entirely known – maybe the Black Death epidemic which swept Europe in the 1300s – the population dropped and the church was abandoned, it’s location lost to history. Several skeletal remains were unearthed in the 1860s in a spot that was assumed to be the site of the old churchyard and a memorial was placed in the spot. Filskov’s new church dates from 1877.

Filskov’s red brick inn is typically Danish and has been serving famished travellers and locals alike for more than 100 years. It was particularly popular when the village had a railway station, which ran from 1917 until the early 1970s.

Every May since 1980, Filskov has held a popular fete, called the Viaduct Festival, allowing visitors to experience a charming village with a rich history and promising future.

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