Agricultural Museum Karensminde

Invite your family to come a long for a different museum experience. At Agricultural Museum Karensminde the whole family can take an active part in the farm's daily chores and activities.

The farm "Karensminde" dates back to about 1651, so visiting the present day agricultural museum is liking stepping back into history. At Karensminde you can experience how work was done in the heydays of the farm back in the 18th and 19th century. The whole family can lend a helping hand when it is time to harvest, dig up potatoes or help milk the cow. Meanwhile a group of voluenteers and visitors are making jams, soup, apple cider or beer in the old farm kitchen.

At Karensminde it is possible to get real close to the animals. You can e.g. help shear the sheep or collect the eggs in the chicken run. You can go have a look around the stables and see the pig and her piglets. On the green meadow you will find the goat and the geese. The rabbits and the guinea pig are lying comfortably in their cages and the cat lies in the sun on the doorstep. All just waiting for you to stop by and say hello.

When the big horses are harnessed to the wagon you can have a drive around the countryside in the old horse-drawn carriage. All year around there are activities for the whole family at Karensminde. You can make wooden toys in the wood workshop, make patterns on fabric with carved potatoes, paint eggs and much more. 

In the farmhouse you can explore the many rooms, where tales from the past come alive. Remember to bring a lunch basket, so you can enjoy a quiet picnic in the beautiful surroundings at Karensminde. 

For more information on the history of Karensminde, please contact Billund Museum at

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You'll find Agricultural Museum Karensminde here:

Yearly events at Karensminde

Winter holiday at Karensminde

Easter at Karensminde: Creative workshop with easter egg painting and "gækkebreve" cutting

Garden day: Sale and trade of Danish and international garden plants 

Midsummer's Eve at Karensminde: Bonfire and speeches

Summer holidays at Karensminde: Different activities through out the farm

Harvest day: Old fashioned harvesting and folkdance

Old animal races and veteran cars show

Autumn holiday at Karensminde: Slaughterday, soup making and apple cider brewing

Christmas market at Karensminde: Buy a christmas tree, decorations etc.