Familievenlig overnatning

Accommodation for kids

There is plenty of accommodation for kids in and around Billund, although not all are suitable if you have small children with you. If you are travelling with a young family, a summerhouse, apartment or campsite is a better option.

Billund has many high quality hotels, with some themed especially for children. In these hotels, the kids can enjoy plenty of activities, watch movies on big screens and be in close proximity to all the theme parks.

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Holiday Resorts
Holiday resorts are a great combination of hotel and holiday home and an ideal place to base yourself for a fantastic family holiday. Here you can enjoy your own space for relaxing and playing, while still having the facilities of a hotel. It’s also a great environment to meet new friends and playmates.

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If you choose a family-friendly campsite, it’s almost guaranteed that the kids will find new playmates. In fact, this might prove a problem in that the only time you see them is when they’re hungry or tired (OK, that’s not such a problem!). Although you might not see them that much, you can be sure they’re having a great time.

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Private accommodation
Staying in private accommodation can be the ideal option if you’re looking for the ‘personal touch’, relaxing and socialising in a cosy environment, while getting some great tips on the local area from your host. There are a number of different options. Some are rooms, others are appartments and others again have cabins. Either way you can enjoy a wealth of activities right on your doorstep. Depending on the accommodation you choose, your family can be near a swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, mini golf, playground, billiards, badminton, table tennis, climbing wall… phew, we’re tired just writing it all!

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While large dorm rooms might not be the best option for travelling families, many some dorms offer large rooms for two-six people, often with a private shower and toilet. Many places even provide half-board options and packed lunch for your onward journey! Quite often there is a playground, bike hire, nature walks or sports facilities for the children to enjoy too.

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Taking a holiday in a summerhouse will give your family the most amount of freedom. With no timetable and a wealth of space, your group can make their own fun in and around the accommodation – playing ball games, fishing or just exploring the local countryside. If you’re by a forest, you can follow the animal tracks or hunt for wild berries; by the beach, you can take a dip or build giant sandcastles. Kids quickly make friends with others in the neighbourhood (even if they don’t speak the same language!) and before long the parents meet and make new friendships too – usually over a bottle of well-deserved wine at the end of the day.

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