Higher, wilder and much more LEGOLAND® 2017

Meet the whole world in LEGOLAND®: Put your head back and experience five of the world's tallest buildings in WORLD'S TALLEST in Miniland. More than 830,000 LEGO® bricks have become one of the world's tallest buildings, Burj Khalifa, the Shanghai Tower, Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, One World Trade Center and Taipei 101. The Eiffel Tower and our own 24-cm LEGOTOP® have delusions of grandeur. There is high up and full power on the wauw effect on all models in the 1: 150 ratio.
The experiences in LEGOLAND are not scaled down: Get the ultimate LEGO® NINJAGO® rush in the interactive LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride, where you will master the elements of fire, lightning, earth and ice in 3D. Because without your help, the Ninjas can not fight The Great Devourer. Go into Ghost - The Haunted House for a hair-raising experience and try the free fall of the Polar X-plorer. Enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread in the Indian camp and discover a lot of small experiences from all over the world in Miniland. 36 meters above ground in LEGOTOP® you can get an overview of the 65 million. LEGO® blocks.

LEGOLAND® awaits with experiences from all over the world and lots of highfives in a fantastic season 2017.

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Sleep like a ninja! Look forward to a world of LEGO® NINJAGO® play at Hotel LEGOLAND®. After a play-filled day in LEGOLAND, you can now spend the night in the company of Cole, Nya, Kai, Lloyd and all the other cool LEGO ninjas.

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Nordmarksvej 9
7190 Billund


+45 7533 1333


+45 7535 3179


  • Classification

    • Saint Hannes Cross
  • Facilities

    • Restaurant/Cafe
    • Coach park
    • Packed lunch permitted
  • Type

    • Theme park



Longitude : 9.1285712792
Latitude : 55.735742685